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With today’s ever increasing demand for bulk crude oil, it is imperative to get product when you need it. Olyzon Oil & Gas provides the most reliable bulk crude oil purchasing and marketing services available. Olyzon Oil & Gas provides FOB Nigeria based crude oil purchasing procedures that are straight forward and 100% verifiable.




 Non-negotiable particulars for purchase of the following:

→ Product: Bonny Light Crude Oil FOB

→ Origin: Nigeria through a JV with NNPC & Shell

→ Quantity: 2M Bbl lots monthly and multiples thereof

→ Term: 12 months w/R&Es

→ Port of origin: Bonny Terminal

→ Price: Contact us for current price.

→ Commissions: WILL BE PROVIDED

→ Please Note: the procedures are not negotiable as they are set by the NNPC not the seller.



 What are required to Proceed: Specification, Quantity, Frequency of pick-up

  • Buyer and Seller sign the Sales / Purchase Contract Agreement with banking coordinates and deposit signed SPA at their respective banks. The electronic signed SPA is legally binding upon all parties involved.
  • Seller sends Buyer ATS for Bulk Allocation to be verified by NNPC Bonny Terminal.
  • Buyer charters Vessel and sends following documents to the Seller: CPA, Payment receipt to the CPA, Q88 and ATL.
  • Seller instructs Bonny Terminal to issue NOR / LAYCAN to Buyer’s Vessel which shall reply / confirm with an ETA within 12 hours.
  • BUYER sends their ATB format with supercargo and inspector details including passport and contact details to SELLER and Buyer’s Bank issue to Seller’s Bank an SBLC / BG / IDLC as approved verbiage at Appendix B in favor of Seller for the value of the full month cargo to be activated by Seller Bank’s 2% PB.
  • Upon arrival of the Buyer’s Vessel, Seller loads the vessel with full vessel document issued under Buyer’s name.
  • ATB issued to the BUYER’s inspector and supercargo. Q&Q is conducted by Buyer’s Inspectors of which costs are paid by Buyer.
  • Upon a satisfactory Q&Q report, Buyer effects full Payment by MT103, receives all Cargo documents incl. Title and sails with the Vessel to his POD. Procedure starts at (3) for the next vessel immediately with Buyer Bank’s IRDLC for the rest of the Contract to be activated by Seller Bank’s 2% PB, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties, Seller and Buyer.




Whole Properties


whole crude oil properties




JP54 Aviation fuel used in aircrafts (Aviation Kerosene Colonial Grade 54). Olyzon Oil & Gas provides competitively priced JP54 for the world market on CI Dip and Pay procedure. Olyzon Oil & Gas is a key business introducer for the procurement of commodities such as JP54. We arrange the private buying and selling of commodities in small and large quantities. We work direct with Oil suppliers and buyers worldwide.


Quantity Available: 1 million Barrels – 10 million Barrels per month for 12 months with R&Es

Price:Fixed price - Gross $90.00 or $86.00 NET per Barrel CIF Rotterdam or Houston negotiable

Commission: $4.00 - $2.00 Buy side or $2.00 Seller side (closed)

Payment:The refinery end seller works with a fiduciary bank therefore the financial instrument required is a transferable BG or SBLC issued by a top 100 rated international bank. Payment is made within five days after arrival of goods via TT, MT103 or MT103 Field 23 (Field 72 in USA).


Payment instrument shall have the clause "Partial Shipments and Partial Drawings permitted "negotiable at the counters of the Seller’s nominated bank against presentation of documentations.

Performance Bond:Upon receiving RWA notification from Buyer’s bank and followed by receipt of the Buyer’s Non-Operative BG or Non-Operative SBLC via MT760 at Seller’s fiduciary bank, Seller’s bank issues 2% operative PB to activate the BG or SBLC.




  • Buyer confirms soft offer and after accepting all terms and procedures, issues ICPO with full banking and Company details addressed to "End Seller" c/o XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX., with a letter stating Buyers acceptance and readiness to proceed with the transaction.
  • Seller issues FCO with seller information. Buyer signs, seals and returns FCO to Seller.
  • Seller issues draft SPA, subject to minor Buyer amendments and revisions. Buyer signs, seals and returns SPA in Word Format to Seller for counter-signing.
  • Seller confirms, approves and electronically signs and seals SPA along with NCNDA/IMFPA as the final contract.
  • Buyer sends to Seller draft of bank to-be-issued documents so Seller can pre-arrange with fiduciary and fiduciary bank of the pending bank communication. Or buyer sends a copy of the bank documents via bank to bank communication to the Seller immediately after it has been formally sent to ensure follow up by fiduciary bank.
  • Seller and Buyer notify their respective banks of the pending bank to bank communication.
  • Buyer initiates communication with seller’s nominated fiduciary bank via SWIFT that buyer is ready to issue non-operative, transferable BG or SBLC via MT760. Upon acknowledgement from Seller’s fiduciary bank that it is ready to receive, Buyer issues the non-operative BG or SBLC via MT760.
  • Within 5 business days, Seller or Seller’s refinery issues partial refinery POP documents for verification and authentication as follows:

→   Copy of License to Export.

→   Copy of Approval to Export.

→   Copy of Statement of Availability of the Product.

→   Copy of the Refinery Commitment to Produce the Product.


  • Buyer conducts due diligence as necessary to verify and authenticate to achieve his own level of comfort before proceeding further.
  • Upon the Buyer’s instructions to proceed, Seller’s fiduciary bank on receipt of the non- operative Bank instrument, issues 2% Performance Bond MT760 to activate the non-operative BG or SBLC.
  • Buyer’s bank on receipt of the operative 2% PB, reciprocates by activating or issuing the operative transferable SBLC/BG to Seller’s fiduciary bank via MT760.
  • Within eleven working days of receipt and acceptance of the operative bank instrument, Seller submits remainder of product POP to Buyer and both parties lodge the contract with their respective banks:


→   Copy of Deed/Title Ownership.

→   Product Analytic Report (Indigenous Survey Company).

→   Vessel Bill of Lading, Vessel Notice of Readiness, Authority to Board (ATB).

→   Estimate Time of Vessel Arrival (ETA).

→   Product Performa Invoice, SGS and Tank Receipt.

→   Copy of Origin (Representing the Allocation and Resource Number, Reference Number of POP,Authority Number, Name of Loading port with Contract Number).


  • Product is loaded and shipped for delivery.
  • After successful Dip Test and Q&Q by Buyer and full documents to Buyer, Buyer releases payment via agreed method to the Seller and out-turn shipment is delivered per slot via SWIFT fund transfer after uploading.


D2 Diesel


D2 Diesel is in high demand. Olyzon Oil & Gas provides 100% verifiable supply of D2 Diesel. Our supply available ranges from 100,000 MT to 500,000 MT per month.



→ Product: Gasoil diesel type D2, per GOST 305-82 standard.

→ Commodity: D2 DIESEL.

→ Origin: Russian Federation Via 100% Verifiiable & Performing Refinery

→ Quantity: FIRST SPOT QUANTITY: 50-100K MT or up to 500K MT PER MONTH X 36 W/R&E

→ Price:$755.00 Gross / $745.00 Net - FOB RUSSIAN PORT.

→ Commissions: $ 10.00 COMMISSION.

→ Please Note: $5.00 paid by Buyer $2.50 and $5.00 Paid by Seller






  • Buyer sends ICPO, Confirmation Letter, and CP to Seller on receipt of Seller’s Soft.
  • Seller issues draft contract to Buyer, Buyer Sign and return to Seller for final endorsement.
  • Seller issues commercial invoice to Buyer, Buyer Sign and return to Seller for final.
  • Seller issues Refinery Commitment Letter with Loading Date and buyer reviews, signs, dates, and returns with tank storage coordinates in NOVO or Q88 with CPA to the seller.
  • Seller issues DTA- Dip Test Authorization, Shore Tank RE-RCEIPT, Indigenous Analysis Report 2% PB, SGS Report of the product upon confirmation of buyers’ Tank Storage Coordinates OR CPA, Q88, and vessel port clearance.
  • Upon confirmation of ACT of TRANSFER in Buyers Name paid able by seller, Seller issues to the Buyer, Title of ownership certificate to be followed by all export documentation, Buyer conducts Dip Test and lifting commerce and Buyer release payment as agreed by both parties.




I, upon successful spot lift the contract for the up to 500K MT Bbls 36 month duration continues with multiple monthly lifts.

II, Buy side commissions for our facilitating intermediaries is $2.50 per MT (from Buy side paid by the Buyer) and will require a Commission Fee Agreement in advance. This leaves $2.50 open to Buyer mandate and other intermediaries. The Commission Fee Agreement must be executed and lodged with Buyers bank NO EXCEPTIONS. The Commissions for the Facilitating Intermediaries are required for the duration of the contracts SPOT and 36 months. This is a rare opportunity brought forward to a qualified Buyer and there will be no commission negotiations allowed or entertained. We have a long line for this opportunity and if the commission requirement is unacceptable to your Buyer we will pass the deal to another Buyer.

III, an executed NC NDA is required.

IV, To qualify for this deal the Buyer must have the ability to acquire and prove tank storage space in Novo with a valid lease agreement or have the ability and willingness to provide a Q88 when required. We will not engage potential Buyers that do not have experience in securing tank space in Novo or securing charter party agreements.


Please note:Product pricing and discounts subject to change. Availability not guaranteed and subject to first come first serve basis. Spot quantities available at the time of engagement may differ. Requests to change procedures will not be accepted, the procedures are non-negotiable. Product specifications will be provided with the product documentation.