The need for reliable and economically feasible logistic support services in the oil and gas industry cannot be overstated. At Olyzon, we recognize the very specific needs and often time sensitive requirements of our Oil & Gas and Offshore clients. As a result of our rich portfolio and experience, our operators and management have a keen eye for the ‘need for speed’ and the requirement for reliable and compliant delivery services in often hostile environments. Productivity health and safety are antecedent of every upstream, mid-stream and downstream operation. Making these operations to perform at optimum levels, without compromise, is the center of Olyzon’s integrated end-to-end supply chain solutions. Asset utilization via uncompromised material availability as defined by a client’s policies on critical spares, planned maintenance and production schedules is rooted in Olyzon’s logistics approach to support oil and gas and offshore industries. We offer services such as leasing of petroleum tankers, Flat-bed vehicles and Vessels.

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